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Our Philosophy

At Cadeaux we specialise in designing, sourcing and/or producing end to end sustainable stationery and paper products. We're always seeking to educate on the limitations of the U.K. recycling system and provide a more realistic alternative for plastic products which cannot be recycled or re-purposed.
We don’t believe that it is enough for products to just be recyclable. Each product is carefully considered for its ability to replace an existing non-recyclable item in the marketplace.
We know that change can be hard for the modern consumer, so we’re trying to make their existing behaviour as sustainable as possible. Part of our process when selecting products is the availability of a supplier in the U.K who can provide the product to our specification. This involves each supplier being hand-picked for their commitment to using the most sustainable practises and materials available. 
All Cadeaux’s suppliers are U.K based companies which enables us to engage with them on their sustainable commitments and practises. By using U.K based companies, we are also reducing the carbon footprint of our products and guaranteeing a safe working environment and fair pay. Aside from one of our ribbons, all our products and consumables such as product and postal packaging are produced here in the U.K. We are frequently offered, cheaper alternatives from countries such as Korea and China, however, we firmly believe that sustainable practises must come first in the production of our products over price.