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Behind the Brand



The origins of Cadeaux Paperworks developed from a conversation during a present wrapping session at Christmas in 2018. Whilst wrapping my gifts in carefully chosen wrapping paper, a family member highlighted to me how the wrapping paper I had chosen for the presents was, in fact, non-recyclable and destined for landfill.

Shocked by the amount of paper waste generated by just one family Christmas I decided to look for a more sustainable alternative so, in January 2019, I scoured the UK high street looking for recyclable wrapping paper. I thought this would be an easy task and that High Street brands would have embraced the growing culture of sustainability, but I drew a blank. While many brands sold a selection of recyclable options, they were often mixed with other products that weren’t sustainable and the labelling was nearly always nebulous. As a consumer, it seemed as if recyclable products were not being taken seriously by big brands, the customer experience was confusing, and it was unclear if their products were actually recyclable. There were no brands or shops which solely sold sustainable paper products.

As a result of the frustration in being unable to find truly sustainable stationery and paper goods on the UK Highstreet I decided to do further  research into the industry, and this would prove to be the foundation for the creation of Cadeaux Paperworks. 

 All of our paper products are produced on a minimum of 100gsm paper which makes them luxuriously thick whilst still managing a perfect fold.

Our wrapping paper is sold in the iconic Daylesford Farm and Bailey and Sage Abode as well as numerous other boutiques worldwide. Our paper has been featured in Elle Decoration and Glamour magazines.

I am hugely proud that we have developed a recyclable tape for wrapping paper. It is not widely known that any paper sent to recycling bin must also be free of clear plastic tape for it to be recycled. A result of this lack of awareness is that huge volumes of paper are designated to landfill because of this issue. Our paper tape can be recycled when attached to paper with no need to remove it prior to popping it in the recycling bin. This particular product has proven to be really popular with consumers and has been featured in Stylist Magazine and on ITV’s This Morning.

I hope you love our products and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any suggestions and recommendations!