About us

Cadeaux Paperworks was created out of a love of gifting beautifully wrapped presents.

​Sustainability is a big issue now and we overlook so many areas of our lives in relation to this - gifting included. After struggling to find a brand that took this issue seriously, Cadeaux was born and we hope to bring you the very best in sustainable gifting. 

​We specialise in producing and sourcing sustainable gifting alternatives, such as paper, ribbon and bows but are currently also working on gift bags and crackers amongst other things. 

Our products

All of our gift wrap is made using paper from sustainable sources and produced in the U.K. We use 100gsm uncoated paper stock, so our wrap remains luxuriously thick and maintains its beautiful matt finish. It's printed using vegetable oil-based inks rather than petroleum-based inks making it easier to recycle and minimise its environmental impact. Our tags are made using the same process on 400gsm uncoated card.

Our ribbons are made using PET recycled plastic bottles. This is a process that uses less energy and less water than producing virgin yarn in the more widely available polyester ribbons you find on the high street. This ribbon is also recyclable alongside your other fabrics and can be recycled again into clothing or other goods.

Our packaging

Our packaging is carefully chosen to adhere to our company ethos of sustainability. 

Our postal tubes are all 100% recyclable, using paper tabs instead of plastic discs. We also use paper tape to secure our packages, meaning you can pop the whole thing straight into the recycling bin. 

The product packaging has been carefully researched and our cellophane bags are home compostable and biodegradable being made of plant based cello. The ribbon boards are made of paper from sustainable sources and printed with vegetable-based inks making them easier to recycle. This is also true of our stickers which are fully recyclable using natural adhesives and from sustainable sources. 

Our ethos

Now, more than ever, people are becoming aware of their environmental impact but still overlook key areas of their lives in which they believe sustainability isn't an issue. 

All of Cadeaux's product offering has been carefully researched to make sure that every part of our production to postage is sustainable and has minimal environmental impact. 

We believe that gifting shouldn't be such an unnecessarily wasteful part of our sustainability crisis.

We're working on that for you.